Products and services:

We specialize in:
- Contracting and consulting services for Software Design and Development
- Embedded Software Development
- Workstation/PC Software Development
- Software engineering, testing and support

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Bandit Software Technologies Pty Ltd

Key competencies and what we offer our customers:

- More than 14 years experience in software design and development over many platforms and applications (both embedded and Workstation/PC based). This includes the full SDLC for the software products. A good track record in software design and development.

Software architectural design and specification, implementation, unit-testing, bug-fixing (and on-target debugging with emulators), field support (including customer on-site visits), documentation, QA and maintenance of the software products.

Development experience on many different Operating Systems: Workstation based development: WinXP/Vista/Unix/Linux; Embedded based Real Time Operating Systems: pSOS, Nucleus, RTEMS, uC, Greenhills, WinCE. Programming languages typically used include: C, C++, C#, VB6.0, We also adopt software development concepts and methodologies such as Design Patterns, Model Driven Development using UML, Agile, and adhere to processes such as CMMI.

 We're very hard working who take the job seriously. Able to deliver productive work quickly and meet deadlines. Able to work under pressure and multi-task. Able to learn new concepts and technologies quickly meaning faster ramp-up time when undertaking new projects.

Experience working in an international environment. Co-operation with colleagues from many different countries and backgrounds. Experience working in foreign countries on various projects.

Doing the utmost for the customers and shareholders to ensure that they are happy with the products and service. We stand by our commitment to deliver good quality work.

Our competitive rates offer our customers very good value for money!