About us:

Located in Melbourne Australia, Bandit Software Technologies (known as BST) is an Australian private limited liability company established in 2007.

We specialize in embedded software development for Real-time Systems, but are also experienced in Workstation/PC-based software application development. Our experience has mainly been with software development and engineering in the Automation and Controls industries, but we're now expanding out into Real-time Systems software development within other fields such as Business Systems, Broadcast/Entertainment, and Telecommunications.

BST provides contracting and consulting services for software development and engineering. We provide software development resources to our clients: small, medium, and large companies; helping them to complete their software development and engineering projects successfully.

BST owner/operator Paul Kendall is a university degree qualified software engineer who has over 14 years experience in software design and development. He has a strong work ethic and is committed to delivering the best possible result to his customers.

Due to low operating overheads, BST is able to offer it's clients very competitive rates without comprimizing the quality of work delivered. Although based in Australia, we are willing and able to take on projects both locally and internationally.

We're certainly not claiming to be the best in the world; we're just smart and honest hard workers who can get the job done.

Please feel free to contact us should you require the services of a friendly, competent, reliable, and hard-working software engineer.

Mission Statement:

To partner with our customers to implement optimal software solutions providing excellent return for our clients and their shareholders.

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